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ZINO In-house Design

ZINO is a beauty and cosmetics product brand locate in Hong Kong; is a brand which is from Hong Kong, however they want to make their brand more korean cosmetics looking, so the all of their design must feel like Korea brand, the most challenge part of this brand is Photo Retouch, i have to draw the product shot, look alike the final product, however there are no final product yet, even the color is not finalize and i have to finish the product shot and the box design without any real box and product on hand. Therefore my photoshop file for the product shot have to be easy to edit, for they change the product shot color at anytime. Also the other challenge is the skin color of every model we use, edit the skin color is easy to do so, however ZINO team love to do newspaper print ads, so that i have to make sure the color tone outcome is great for newpapers. To do that i have to had a photo for newspaper use, and make sure every color i have on the print ads is rich and not contain black in it.


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