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We are ZERO.  Zero is to be interpreted as “nothingness”. Imagine when we were first born into this world, we know nothing, we have nothing.  We all started from zero where we were the purest in heart and expression.


Imagine the world without all kinds of complications, disturbing thoughts and negativities from our hardships. How beautiful the world could potentially be.?! Often people hold on to their grudges after experiencing hardships and betrayals. At the end, we realize that we all turn back to zero.

So why do YOU live a life of distress instead of living a life of PURITY which will bring happiness to YOU.


Characters from “We Are Zero” depicts the purest form of human beings you can ever imagine in this world. At present, we are often being misunderstood and vice versa which have aggravated the complexities of today’s modern society. This vicious cycle of misjudgements of one another has created a reaction of rolling of eyes which coincidently is a common gesture for feeling disdainful or also a representation of distortion of the purest form of human kind.

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Creator (Danny LAM)

A creative thinker and Hong-Kong native, Danny has a strong desire to pursue deeper avenues of the creative development process. He made his start into the art world as young as 10 years old – Japanese manga and anime were his two primary sources of initial creative inspiration. 

After two years of copying from his favorite stories, he began to develop his own characters for a new manga story. However, his motivation dampened when he could not find a good angle to tell his story effectively. At the age of 14, he and his family moved to Toronto, Canada. 


After pursuing art in high school, Danny took his studies further at the Visual Arts and New Media Design College. There, he received his Certificate and immediately started to think critically about his career path; the lack of clear steps into the drawing profession was overwhelming. Ultimately, he chose to become a graphic designer in Hong Kong.


Since 2016, Danny has returned to his pursuit of drawing. He spends his spare time developing various characters that represents his thoughts and how he sees the world. It was at this time that his first character, ‘We:a-zero’ was created.

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